Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wall Function Trickery

As I was chugging away at my model today I came across a rather aggravating little trick within a wall's type properties. Maybe some of you know this already, maybe some don't but you learn something new everyday. Apparently within the wall's type properties, if your wall is set to a "Foundation" function you can't use a level above as the "Top Constraint."

Example: I can't have a 12" Concrete basement wall (with a "foundation" function) using the First Floor Level as a top constraint. You will get the "Top Constraint  is invalid for the Level" error message, and boy is it aggravating! It must use the Basement Floor Level. Now I can offset it until my heart's desire but it can't associate with a level above.

Just a random factoid for the day!

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  1. Its because Revit uses a downward looking wall system, when you go to draw a wall, if you look in the green bar (would be where extra options are for commands) it will say, " Modify/Place Wall" and next to that it will say, "DEPTH" change that to height and then try setting your constraints. This message is displayed because your putting your top constraint at First floor and your base at Foundation level, But depth is basically trying to do the opposite of that. Therefore your Top of your wall is below your Bottom level of your wall, height will make this normal. This is Revits DEFAULT setting. Also after you draw a wall, this option will be locked and greyed out to change in the future.