Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BIM Implementation, Adaptive Re-Use, Multi-Firm Collaboration and FM Prep - In 6-9 Months? I must be crazy!

I'm nuts. Is this even possible?! Well I'll let you know in 6-9 months!

I've been asked by a Fortune 500 Bio-Tech company in Minneapolis to implement BIM in their facilities department with the ultimate goal of a sustaining Facilities Management Program.

Here's the immediate ultimate goal:

In 6-9 months...
  • Implement Revit - AutoCAD Standards conversion, staff training, etc.
  • Survey and document existing conditions of 200,000 sq ft warehouse for an adaptive re-use project
  • Assist in-house design team with design process
  • Coordinate between in-house design team and architect of record's firm as well as design consultants
  • Post-construction surveying and documentation
  • Implement facilities management tools
In the coming weeks I'll expand on these goals as well as in the next few months I'll post my progressions (more likely my aggressions) as I go through this process.


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